Tina Balaa

Nestlé Pure Life

Spark your Life!

Brief: Nestlé Pure Life released two new sparkling water flavors. Kiwi & Apple as well as Pineapple & Mango. Their aim was to achieve a super modern, young vibrant campaign to attract a new category for the Algeria Market.

Executional Idea: Using the lightness aspect of sparkling water, we gave each product flavor an ultra vibrant and trendy aesthetic. We allowed each product to live in its own universe, implementing the bubbles and the unique combination of flavors across the pieces of content released for online and social platforms. Each piece of content was supposed to stand for its unique flavor, but the aim was also that they were recognized as mirroring each other under the same campaign line ‘Spark your Life’.  

Creative Director: Mohamed Bereche
MM Designer: Mario Abdallah
English Copywriter: Mariam Basma