Tina Balaa


Good Made Better

Brief: MAGGI is launching 3 different variants of products, Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Siracha Chili Mayonnaise. They want to promote these items as being a kitchen staple in every kitchen, promoting that these products make everything taste better.

Executional Idea: With the campaign tagline Good Made Better, we launched the 3 items using 3 different KV’s into the market. Each of these KV’s embodies their own identity with the use of a unique striking color for each product. However, the collective products is represented using a neutral KV, giving us a chance to hammer on the different natural ingredients used in each of the different products. The ‘natural kitchen’ identity remains important to the MAGGI tone of voice, but we managed to achieve a more modern kitchen aesthetic, for reaching a more youthful target audience.

Markets: UAE & KSA

Advertising Agency: Publicis Groupe
Food Stylist: Aliaa Elsawy
Photographer: Orkun Orcan