Tina Balaa

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Brief: Two worlds rich in culture, arts and sciences: China, and the Islamic world; Come together to represent the untold story of the Dragon & the Phoenix. When the Dragon and the Phoenix met, they exchanged ideas between the 8th – 18th century, which had a massive impact on global trade, art and history. We needed to develop a piece of educational content that would entice people from the UAE to head over to the exhibition and learn more on how this exchange had an impact on their culture.

Executional Idea: We decided to portray this educational content in an entertaining and beautifully illustrated style. It was all inspired from the depiction of art and typography on plates. We embodied a journey representing the Dragon and the Phoenix, where and when they met, and how it impacted global trade and art. Through a 360 integrated campaign, we told our audience the story of how these cultures meeting changed history for years to come.

Markets: UAE & the GCC

Advertising Agency: Publicis Middle East – One Team
Executive Creative Directors: Rafael Augusto
Creative Directors: Mohamed Bareche
Senior English Copywriter: Kyra Mathews
Senior Creative: Tina Balaa
Senior Art Director: Mohamed Youssef El Naggar
Senior Designer: Zane Ruyssenaers
Production house: Consulado

We curated a whole series of artworks to promote the exhibition. Artifacts which were very similar from both cultures were cut in half and pasted along side each other to highlight the similarities between both. We adapted various artworks of the same style across social platforms.

We worked with an artist to illustrate both sides of the plate. Both halves came together to create one unified illustration style depicting the story of the Dragon and the Phoenix. We delivered 1 half of the plate to various influencers and content creators to promote the exhibition. The only way they would see the full one of a kind, limited edition plate was if they came to the exhibition to collect the second half.